At Frisco Running Company every customer will receive a custom and personalized fit process to find the right shoe for their foot shape, goals, training, and desired level of comfort. This is all done through a process of getting to know you through a series of questions designed to set our staff on the right track. From there you will have your foot structure looked at and your movement mechanics assessed. After that you will be provided with a selection of shoes that best match you and your needs so that you can make the decision as to what you like the most. Even though this is very involved we consider this our "basic" analysis. 


Altra                      GU                                    Oofos

361                        Honey Stinger                  SpiBelt

Brooks                  VFUEL                              Feetures

Saucony               Generation UCAN            Balega

Skechers              Tailwind                            Swiftwick 

Hoka                     NUUN                               Wrightsock

Under Armour      RUN Gum                        TOPO

Trigger Point        Goodr                              Nathan                 2Toms                   Handful                           and Much More!           



We provide a wide variety of products. These are just some of the great brands you'll find when you visit. 

​​Frisco running company is Podiatrist owned and works directly with brands leading the way in performance and innovation. We strive to make sure you get the most out of every run, providing not only footwear, but also high performance apparel, nutrition bars, gels, snacks, and recovery.

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